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Company Overview

Micmac Records, a label created in 1986, is a pioneer label specializing in dance pop music. Our label includes a rich deep catalog of certifiable hits of the 80's and 90's and also includes a building roster of young, ambitious and talented dance artists readying themselves to hit the ground running.

With the entire music industry presently in a flux on all traditional levels, it is our plan to combine street sensibilities, industry knowledge and know-how and exploitation of every available resource to position the label as a “dance” force. Exploitation of the resources garnered over the years with TV, Radio, Club and Print Journalists as well as pushing the new technologies envelope, we feel, will reopen the doors so that the true talent in the label's roster can shine through.

In its first few years of operation, Micmac Records was successful in gaining Top 40 Billboard charted hits one after the other (at one point Hot 97 in NYC and similar radio stations nationally were constantly playing songs released by Micmac) which propelled growth allowing Micmac to pursue more artist development and subsequent successes. Historically, Micmac became one of the top labels of its time with over 70% of the titles released charting which firmly established the company.

Mickey Garcia (DJ, Song Writer, Producer, CEO and Founder of Micmac Records, Inc.) began his career as a DJ in the early 1970’s in the NYC metropolitan area at a very young age. Mickey continues mixing for various major concerts events nationally and in some of America’s most popular concert arenas and nightclubs. Mickey Garcia can be heard these days mixing LIVE on his TikTok channel. Follow DJ Mickey Garcia on TikTok.

Our demographic fan base is established with our catalog, but hands-on street testing has also shown positive response in the all-important up and coming 11-17 year old marketplace. The combination of established classic catalog, vibrant new artists, limited competition, innovative product, branding, product placement, live events and other street marketing strategies will give Micmac Records a real shot at success in future years to come.

All content written above pertains to Micmac Records, Inc. and Mickey Garcia the founder of Micmac Records.

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